North Dakota Ag Industries Working Together

Develop and expand animal agriculture in North Dakota

  • Support livestock producers during times of change
    • Herd expansion or diversification
    • New development projects
    • Adding new technology or management practices
    • Transitioning to the next generation
  • Pursue processing capacity expansion
  • Attend/Exhibit at local, regional, and national events and trade shows

Assist with the common mission of raising consumer confidence

  • Emphasize a unified effort by all of agriculture
    • Food safety, quality and nutrition
    • Protecting the environment
    • Caring for our animals (PQA, BQA, FARM, etc)
  • Assist farmers and ranchers with consumer and community outreach events

Consumer and community trust is vital to NDLA’s livestock development mission.

Strengthen our connection with communities and leaders

  • Build relationships through
    • Face-to-face dialogue
    • On-site farm tours
    • Virtual and ‘windshield’ farm tours
  • Share our story – Why do farmers do what they do?
    • Steadfast dedication to our families, neighbors, and employees
    • Devout respect for our environment and animals
    • Adherence to regulations and industry programs
    • Animal agriculture’s involvement in the community
    • How animal ag can revitalize our rural communities

Give residents the knowledge and confidence to welcome animal ag development.

The Latest News

Nelson County Pigs Cooperative takes care to be a good neighbor

October 30, 2019 |

Pavel “Diesel” Danil knows how good the pork industry is in the U.S., and that’s part of the reason he’s so adamant about telling the story of pig farming and how it’s a good neighbor.

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New pig farms bring soil health advantages, maximize pig health

October 22, 2019 |

Anyone hanging out on the gravel roads near the Ransom County Multiplier, a 2,500-sow barn near Englevale, isn’t likely to smell anything coming from the barns. They may not see trucks hauling manure to neighboring fields.

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Pork: Easy, versatile and delicious

October 7, 2019 |

Pork has had a bit of a reputation for being difficult to cook to perfection. But local food writer and recipe developer Sarah Nasello says pork can be an easy and versatile addition to a menu, with just a few easy techniques.

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