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North Dakota Ag Industries Working Together

Develop and expand animal agriculture in North Dakota

  • Support livestock producers during times of change
    • Herd expansion or diversification
    • New development projects
    • Adding new technology or management practices
    • Transitioning to the next generation
  • Pursue processing capacity expansion
  • Attend/Exhibit at local, regional, and national events and trade shows

Assist with the common mission of raising consumer confidence

  • Emphasize a unified effort by all of agriculture
    • Food safety, quality and nutrition
    • Protecting the environment
    • Caring for our animals (PQA, BQA, FARM, etc)
  • Assist farmers and ranchers with consumer and community outreach events

Consumer and community trust is vital to NDLA’s livestock development mission.

Strengthen our connection with communities and leaders

  • Build relationships through
    • Face-to-face dialogue
    • On-site farm tours
    • Virtual and ‘windshield’ farm tours
  • Share our story – Why do farmers do what they do?
    • Steadfast dedication to our families, neighbors, and employees
    • Devout respect for our environment and animals
    • Adherence to regulations and industry programs
    • Animal agriculture’s involvement in the community
    • How animal ag can revitalize our rural communities

Give residents the knowledge and confidence to welcome animal ag development.