James Hofer
Manager, Sundale Colony

NDLA helped us out tremendously during the permitting of our new hog finishing barn. Without their help, I would have given up halfway through because I didn’t have the time and resources to do it all myself. They were a life saver!

Justin Quandt
Pig and Crop Producer, Oakes, ND

The NDLA and Amber were a great resource for us in getting our hog barns permitted. From knowing who to talk to and what to say, I believe her insight made it possible to get this project done in the most timely and least stressful way.

Craig Jarolimek
Founding Chair of ND Livestock Alliance

Livestock development provides farmers a vital tool to diversify their income, utilize locally produced grains that will eventually lead to reduced basis, and most importantly, will sustain North Dakota farms and ranches for future generations.

Austin Langley
Past Chair, ND Soybean Council

The number one customer for U.S. soy is animal agriculture. We know that when animal agriculture succeeds, the soybean industry does as well. The U.S. Meat Export Federation estimates that in 2019 pork exports added 9% of bushel value to North Dakota soybeans for a total of $36 million market value. This mutually beneficial partnership is why the North Dakota Soybean Council supports NDLA’s mission of expanding animal agriculture in the state of North Dakota. NDLA helps different agricultural commodities (both plant and animal) throughout the state work together towards a common goal of increasing the impact of North Dakota agriculture on the world’s platform. This increased impact provides benefits to North Dakota farmers and ranchers, along with the communities they live
in throughout the state.

Jason McKenney
Cooperative and Transportation Director, ND Farmers Union

North Dakota Farmers Union made NDLA involvement a priority because the livestock industry is critical to our members and the economy of North Dakota. NDLA is a critical entity to bring producers together with processors and decision makers in North Dakota and the United States. The livestock industry in North Dakota needed a unified resource to grow the industry and NDLA is that entity.

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